Listening comprehension practice

Discover 15 secret strategies that will raise your score on any multiple choice exam regardless of the subject. After each section are questions — play the questions, then choose the best answer. Listening Comprehension Tutorial. Because she likes hockey b. Because her cousin is playing c. She goes to every game d. None of the above. The street sign for Fort street.

The bus sign for the number c.

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The address sign of her cousins house d. She was going to the party at her home b. She was going home c.

Listening Comprehension in French – audio practice exercises (Levels B)

B She is going to the game because her cousin is playing. C On the way back, the driver tells her to look for the bus sign for the number Are you sure answer 2 is correct? Also missed the options for question 4. Your email address will not be published. Most Popular. The complete guide to multiple choice! Test Help! Listening Comprehension. Everyday Conversations Practice Below is an everyday conversation divided into 3 sections.

None of the above 2.Discover 15 secret strategies that will raise your score on any multiple choice exam regardless of the subject. Tests that have Listening Comprehension questions:.

listening comprehension practice

Below are practice questions — you can click on the link for an audio file, or print and have someone read the passage to you. Caterpillars Butterfly larvae, or caterpillars, consume plant leaves and spend practically all of their time in search of food. Although most caterpillars are herbivorous, a few species eat other insects. Some larvae form mutual associations with ants. They communicate with the ants using vibrations that are transmitted through the soil as well as using chemical signals.

The ants provide some degree of protection to the larvae and they in turn gather honeydew secretions. Scan for audio Click for audio. They do not receive any benefit. Ants give them protection. Ants give them food. Ants give them honeydew secretions. Ants benefit most. Larvae benefit most. Both benefit the same. Neither benefits.

Listening Comprehension

A Eating. Larvae spend most of their time in search of food and their food is leaves. This page is not interactive — we have a Listening comprehension course — with some free questions here that is interactive. Perhaps a vague questions? Or perhaps not — I will review.

IELTS Listening Practice Test

The Larvae spend most time in search of food and searching for food is not same as eating food. So logical answer should be D. Your email address will not be published.

Most Popular. The complete guide to multiple choice!

listening comprehension practice

Test Help! Listening Comprehension. Practice your listening comprehension. Questions 1. What do most larvae spend their time doing? Eating b. Sleeping c. Communicating with ants.Skip to main content. This section offers listening practice to help you understand the main points of clear, standard speech about everyday or job-related topics. Situations include phone calls, meetings and interviews. Each lesson has a preparation task, an audio recording and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of listening skills.

Make a start today. Listen to a weather forecast and answer the questions to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Listen to the introduction of a psychology lecture to practise and improve your listening skills. Listen to a radio interview about maintaining a good work—life balance to practise and improve your listening skills. ICP : Google Tag Manager. Log in Subscribe Newsletter. Choose a listening lesson.

A phone call from a customer. See more. A student discussion. Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills. A team meeting about diversity. Listen to a team meeting about diversity to practise and improve your listening skills. A weather forecast. An interview about listening skills. An introduction to a lecture. Arriving late to class. At the chemist. Chatting about a series.

Making a decision. Meeting an old friend. Work—life balance. Terms of use Accessibility Privacy and cookies Contact us Site map.This page contains everything you need to know and the essential skills for a high listening score. Next up is a list of all our TOEFL listening questions where you can study each question at your own pace. It normally contains 3 conversations and 4 lectures.

Some test may include an extra conversation and 2 extra lectures. These extra conversation and lectures contain 17 experimental questions 12 of them are from lectures and 5 of them are from the conversationwhich aren't scored or worth any points. The experimental questions will affect the time length of whichever section they appear in. Normally, there are a total of 34 questions in the entire listening section and you will have 20 minutes in which to complete these 34 questions.

This does not include the time you spend on listening to the lectures or the conversation. However, if you encounter a test that include 17 experimental questions, you will have 30 minutes in which to complete all 51 questions.

Again, this does not include the time you spend on listening to the lectures or the conversation. In general, the entire listening section including time spent listening will take you between 60 - 90 minutes to complete. Questions on the Listening section will test your ability not only to understand conversations and academic lectures in English by listening, but also to deal with a variety of question types.

Below, you can find all 8 question types explained. You will need to listen for a specific detail. Usually, you will find detail questions asking about a lecture, but sometimes they ask about a conversation. Think about what the details you hear mean, or why they were included. This question type may be difficult, as the detail could be something related to the main idea, or something very small that was mentioned briefly.

Here is an example question:. Question : What does the professor point out about Frantzen's farm scene painting? These listening questions require you make your own conclusion, and use some critical thinking. Question: What is it that the professor is implying about the tools that the inhabitants of Catalhoyuk utilized?

These listening questions will ask you to think about the feeling, or attitude of a speaker you heard in the listening. Question: The professor briefly discusses experiments about the wind speed required to move rocks in the desert. What is professor's attitude regarding these experiments? Function questions ask you to answer questions which rely on context. Think about the big picture.

Similarly to gist-content type questions, these questions will address the main idea of what you heard listening to a conversation or lecture. Think about the general idea, not specific details. Question: Why does the student want to speak with the professor? These questions will ask you to show that you understood relationships between ideas in the listening. You may be required to fill in a chart to show your answer, rather than select an answer from multiple choice questions.

Question: How does the professor organize his lecture on blue jeans? The conversations and lectures in the Listening section are of academic nature. If you run out of time, do not complete the remaining questions. We want to help you improve and cheating will provide you with inaccurate data. The next two sections are broken down into steps depending on if you passed or failed the listening practice. Step 1 : Listen to the same recording again.Work on your French listening comprehension with this funny video by a French teen, with lots of expressions and informalities.

Listen to this short dialog between a hotel receptionist and a customer checking in. Video of an A1-level oral proficiency test, with links to the grammar and vocabulary you need to know in order to pass. Listen to short dialogs throughout a supermarket.

Advent is a multi-week period of celebration leading up to Christmas - learn a bit about it in this French video. Fun with French! This catchy music video will have you dancing and singing along, even to the slang thanks to interactive subtitles.

Put your French listening comprehension and sense of humor to the test with this faux news report poking fun at Alsace and the Alsatian accent. Listening comprehension exercise with tips on improving reading comprehension. If you don't have one, sign up - it's free!

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Listen to a short, easy conversation between a waiter and two diners. Short conversation between a couple and their babysitter.Thank you!

We will contact you again with the discount link closer to the date of the launch! The listening comprehension component is supposed to be a component which students often score in. Listening to a text for enjoyment is different from listening with the purpose to capture information.

Did you know that the listening comprehension examination tests you on your understanding of the content at the literal AND inferential levels? You must also identify key ideas and details in a variety of spoken texts. Lastly, you will need to infer and draw conclusions by listening critically. It is more than just listening.

Just like any other examination, knowing to prepare for and having practice beforehand will always help. During the listening comprehension examination, the student who knows the kinds of questions to be tested and techniques to increase his or her accuracy will have an advantage over others. Is your child facing any of the following while attempting the listening comprehension examination? Unaware of any techniques that can be applied to ensure greater accuracy before, during and after attempting the questions.

Uncertain of what to do when met with a challenging question or unknown word. Unsure of the different types of questions that can be tested during an examination e. Highlighted Answer key for each practice 7 Texts for each practice included. Contrary to what some pupils believe, clearing your ears is not going to help you gain that extra few marks!

It is having the knowledge of what to expect and practice that will help. Now is the time to get some practice. Put those cotton buds aside and plug in your ear buds for the Easy Listening online course to attempt the examination style practices now.

listening comprehension practice

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